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Seagate puts focus on Consumer Electronics –Podcast Episode 2

In this Podcast I talk to

  • Marc Cisneros, CE Channel Sales Manager, Seagate Technologies
  • David Burks, CE Product Marketing Manager, Seagate Technologies

Seagate is pushing hard into the Consumer Electronics space. No longer are they considered a hard drive company, they now want to be known as a Storage Company. The Scoble Show interviewed Seagate’s CEO Bill Watkins, where he said “it’s about content distribution.”

Seagate has come out with a several market specific hard drives with benefits tuned the each area of specialty.

  • LD for mobile and low profile devices [2.5″]
  • DB for DVRs and Media PCs [very quiet]
  • SV for security DVRs [24×7 duty cycle]
  • EE for extreme environments [can handle temperature and vibration extremes]

Wireless Keyboard for Windows Media Center

I recently had the opportunity to test new wireless keyboard from Adesso. This could be the closest to a perfect wireless keyboard for Windows Media Center. There are lots of wireless keyboards out there that use their own methods to connect. Most are good to about 6-8 feet before the signal gets to the point where the keyboard is no longer usable. Adesso uses 2.4 Ghz radio frequency. This is the same signal that wireless phones and wireless networks use. You should be good up to 50 ft. or more with this. (the keyboard supports up to 100 ft. but you may requre binoculars to see the screen at that distance 🙂

The keyboard also has an integrated trackball. The mouse buttons are located on the top, as well as another set under your trigger fingers .Scroll wheel on the left and left click on the right. The group of buttons on the top left are all related to media controls. Stop, Play, FF, REW etc.

Setup was the easiest process I have ever seen. There is a USB ‘dongle’ that you plug into any available USB slot. You push the button on the dongle, and an LED starts flashing. You push the ID button on the upper left of the keyboard and you are ready to go.

Installing Windows Media Center Edition 2005

To say that Windows MCE is not something I would recommend to the general population is an understatement. It is one of those things, that if it goes right…no problem. But if it goes wrong, then (as in my case) you are in for 2 days of headaches. Now I see why it comes pre-installed on PC’s. I recently decided to upgrade my storage capacity on my main PC and thought it would be easy to upgrade to MCE at the same time. Everything was going fine, until I started doing the automatic updates. All of a sudden, updates started to fail, one after the other. I checked all over Microsoft’s site and knowledge base. They just kept saying to re-install. After 5 times, I figured I would have to re-install Windows XP and abandon my quest for a Media Center PC.

Then I happened to stumble across a blog site called The Green Button.This site was a Godsend. Not only did it explain in detail, exactly what the problem was with the updates, it broke out each update step by step with instructions on how to manually do the updates. Something about the order of the updates and whether you have .Net 1.0 or 2.0 installed and when you installed them.

So 2 days after I started, I now have a functioning Media Center.

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