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Skype To Go, gives you worldwide calling for next to nothing.

skype logo OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a little obsessed with Skype. I mean why wouldn’t anyone be a little obsessed with a piece of software that give you almost free long distance. Skype has another great service called Skype To Go. This lets me give free long distance to my friends and family to call me anywhere in the world, without a computer.

Skype has local Skype To Go numbers in a large number of countries. For example, I am in the Middle East, and my parents are in Canada. I set up a Skype To Go number in Canada on the Skype website. Skype To Go is part of my $3 a month unlimited US & Canada calling package. I register my parents home number online and give them the local phone number for them to call. They call that local number from their home phone, and select me from the call list with their keypad. Then Skype calls me on my cell phone, wherever I am. The cost of the call is added to my Skype account and in most countries is about 2-3 cents a minute. No cost to my parents, and no computer involved during the call.


2006 is coming to an end and so is the free phone calls via Skype in the US and Canada. I previously blogged about the promotion whereby you could call any phone in the US or Canada, using Skype and not pay any long distance. However, don’t give up on Skype yet, as they have a new service. For $14.95 per year you can continue to call any phone in the US or Canada without long distance charges. I have been using this service for hte past 6 months and it is great. Little known feature is that you can forward your calls to your cell phone. For example. My family is in Vancouver, I am in Toronto. When they call me on Skype, if I am on the computer I just put on my headset and start talking. But…if I am away from my computer, the call is automatically forwarded to my cell phone. No charge to me and no charge to them. So click on the graphic below and download the all new version 3.0. Then sign up for the SkypeOut service. The special price is only available until Jan. 31, 2007. After that it will be $29.95 per year.

FREE Long Distance Phone Calls from Skype

No this is not some spam that I recently received. This is not some bait and switch tactic to get you to sign some multi-year contract with an ISP or cell phone provider. This is the real deal. Out of the blue on Monday, Skype announced they would allow FREE SkypeOut calls to any phone number in North America. SkypeOut is a service where you buy credits, and it allows you to call a land line phone number for about 2 cents a minute. Well now that service is FREE until the end of the year. After that Skype isn’t saying. I can tell you from experience over the last 2 days, that is words fine. I called family in B.C. and it was crystal clear. So what are you waiting for. Download Skype and start making your free calls.