Fixing 500 Internal Server Error with WordPress and hosting

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********UPDATED Below*********

I have several blogs hosted by I have been adding some plugins and kept coming across 500 Internal Server Error. I went back and forth, activating plugins, deactivating plugins and deleting them off of the FTP server. I was also coming across the WordPress blank screen on my admin dashboard. It was getting very frustrating. Then I came across something about one of the plugins generating the 500 Internal Server Error when the hosting company was not using PHP5. So I did some research into with WordPress and found a solution.

Find your .HTACCESS file on your server. It is a hidden file so make sure your FTP client (I use filezilla) can view hidden files. Open up the file in your text editor and add the following line after the line # END WORDPRESS.

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

That’s it. Since I added this line I have not had an error 500 and all of my screens in WordPress have not been blank. Note: I did have one time when a plugin rewrote the .HTACCESS file. So keep a copy of the file handy. If you come across the error 500, just copy your backup of this file onto your FTP server.

*******UPDATE****** Since writing this post had made it easier to make this change. Simply login to your customer account. Look for the Web Space area and click on Global PHP Version.  Select PHP5 from the pull down menu and click Save. That’s it. For those of you who are not on the original posting above should work as well.

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103 thoughts on “Fixing 500 Internal Server Error with WordPress and hosting”

  1. then you can add the line as the last line of the file. Just check back from time to time as some plugins rewrite the htaccess file.


  2. go to [blog URL]/wp-admin/index.php and you will see Plugins on the left side menu. If this is not what you are looking for then you will have to give some more details on “access”.

  3. A miracle happened! Thanx God it works.
    Every time a make changes I have to find this info again. Let this excellent post be in top forever.

  4. I can’t find my .htaccess file. I know it’s there somewhere, it has to be right? But even after forcing FileZilla to show hidden files, I still can’t find it! Ugh! I’m sick and tired of 1and1 hosting. I’m *THIS* close to ditching it and going with another provider!

    Thanks anyways for the help, thought I had solved the issue with a PHP “hack”, but after installing the Mingle forum, I’ve got the darn 500 internal error message…

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for your solution.

    I do have another one though that worked for me at 1 and 1.

    Log in and go to global php settings. Change from php4 to php5 and save. It will then work as it has for me.

  6. Wow, you would think that 1&1 would do something about this since it appears to be such a huge issue! Anyway, thanks for your help. This article saved me!!

  7. Hi Everyone,

    I’m getting the same http 500 internal server error message when I try logging into any of my wordpress sites. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

    Thank you,


  8. Did you apply the fix as suggested in this post? If you upgraded to WP 3.2 then you will not be able to access your sites until you upgrade to HTTP 5+

  9. very very helpful, i was going to give up last night because I cannot install the plugins i bought. I really appreciate you sharing this information.
    Good thing there is Google and I searched for “1and1 internal server error 500 installing plugin”
    Thanks a lot!

  10. You’re a life saver! I was pulling my hair out and about to toss my desktop out the window. Thanks for the solution!

  11. Thanks, that fixed it! I was wondering for some time what was going on and why I could not post… and then even login any longer.

  12. Nope tried everything but nothing seems to work! 🙁
    My website is my business and my IT/web man has gone away for 3 months which is typical and this is driving me mad!

  13. Tried it and it killed the 500 error, but it also killed all the formatting in the dashboard and everything is in 1-column and is a pain to do any editing.

    Any ideas what may be happening here?

    Hey I see we are fellow mandingo theme users


  14. THANKS E Spink!!!
    I had the http error message when I go to upload photos… and randomly only some photos would work while some stick at 100% Crunching or 0%.
    Changing the .HTACCESS file just didn’t work. I would make the file and upload only to find my wordpress blog with a Internal 500 Error (maybe I was doing it wrong…).

    Desperately I tried what E Spink suggested;
    Log in and go to global php settings. Change from php4 to php5 and save. It will then work as it has for me.

    AND TADA! Instant fix.

  15. Hello,
    I am having same problem when ever I activate any new plugin so it gives “error 500” although every thing is up to date. Do you have any solution. Updating htaccess with given commands also not working.

  16. Just upgrading from 4 to 5… Could it be THAT simple? After about six hours trying to repair my 500 error after installing a new theme, including ‘messing’ around with the htaccess file and no luck, I gave the upgrade solution a try. You are a GOD! It worked. For now I am up and running with my old theme, but at least I can go to bed and actually sleep. Thanks again!!!

  17. Hi, I am a complete beginner. I got the message, but I am not sure how to do what you’lll are talking about, where is the .HTACCESS file?

  18. It will be on the server where you WordPress files are. However since writing this post, had made it easier to do this change. Login to your customer account on Look under Web Space for “Global PHP Version”. Click the pull down arrow and choose PHP5.

  19. It Worked Man…It Worked!!!!!

    I really appreciate your advice thanks…I was a bite discouraged when I saw that even my hosting company couldn’t help me with the matter…

    A really big thank you! I thought that I had lost all my work on my site.

  20. I can’t log in to my 1&1 control panel without getting the “500 Internal Server Error” notice and I can’t log in to my wordpress account either because I’m getting the blank white screen. If I can’t access either control panel, how can I implement any of the above suggested fixes?

  21. You will need to get onto your 1and1 control panel to do anything. Make sure you are using an up to date browser. At least IE8 or the latest Chrome. If you can’t get there, then send 1and1 support an email. Once you get onto 1and1 there is a Global PHP option to set the server to PHP 5.4

  22. Kevin! thanks for posting this.
    unfortunetly this isnt working for me though. The only thing i have in my .htaccess file is the line –
    AddType application/x-httpd-php54 .php

    i’ve tried adding your line of script after this but no help.. any ideas?

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