Ruby Brillantes continues to help 100’s of families in the Philippines!

Ruby continues her work in the Philippines. She has arranged all of this on her own, after recruiting some friends and co-workers. To see 100% of your donations go to work…

Paypal: brillantesruby at gmaildotcom

Just to let everyone know that we have another relief operation tomorrow, Saturday, October 17th. This is from our Aussie friends….yes from Australia! We have 3 donors- 80% is from an Australian company solicited by my niece as well as herd- she’s here joining us, 10% is from another niece as well and one from my SMC high school best friend. My company has also donated more goods. I have about 25 of my office mates from our SYNNEX program supporting me on this project tomorrow – mostly the same people as our huge drop off last week – thanks guys! We are only going to one place in Pasig – Pinagbuhatan….. this is the one place where water was chest high last week.
We have about 500 relief goods already repacked – rice, juices, sardines, noodles
(100 of these packages are from one program in our office – MITAC crew.) They also donated medicines- YES! meds….. and big boxes of used clothing.
From our offices in Davao and Cagayan de Oro – we have 10 huge (I mean really huge!) boxes of clothing.
For our truck, we have one of my SMC High School friends donate half of our truck expenses.
Apparently water is down – now knee high…. .. not bad ….. this means our truck may be able to go in straight without assistance from Air Force but the condition of the water may be much worst – water is 3 weeks old! ugh!….. We have the assistance of the local police again.
Next update will only have pictures.
I am expecting shipment of clothing from Korea and Canada. Thank you Amber and Shirley… again!
This will be our next operation. When the goods arrive,we will be out again. Hopefully there’s more money 🙂  to accompany these goods.
Stay tuned.
Excited for another bad hair day tomorrow 🙂

oh, one more thing, my daughter Sammy’s friend Francois is joining us making a pit stop in Manila from his travels in Asia. So tomorrow will be quite a crew – we have Australian, French Canadian, Canadian and the ever most resillient Filipinos.
Thank you once again to everybody. Our success were all from your support. Love you all.
To all my crew, (please pass on this e-mail) you’re all a “Ruby”……. Â priceless!
Operation Redstone….. here we go!

Om, Peace!Ruby Brillantes

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