The Future of computing

Recently there has been a few companies that have come out with UMPC’s. Ultra Mobile PC’s. Everyone has complained about how expensive they are and how impractical the small format is. What is important to realize is that these are the "betas" of the UMPC. Like everything else, the first version is expensive. Look at HD-DVD players. They first came out over $1,000. Now pricing is down to $799. This past weekend I received a flyer for an external HD-DVD player for the Xbox 360 for $149 Canadian. (which apparently you can install in a PC.)

To really understand where the UMPC is going, simply watch the Intel video below. The only thing I could say after watching this is "I want one of each!"

3 thoughts on “The Future of computing”

  1. Technology for the infrastructure is already there. EVDO gives the bandwidth. I heard this morning there is a guy walking around with a video camera strapped to the side of his head streaming video 24 x 7. If he can do that, then the infrastructure is there, it just needs to spread out a bit.

  2. Wow…sure felt like I was watching a movie based on the future there. Although I know some of these types of devices are not that far off, I question the infrastructure’s there yet to support such fluid communication between all the devices.

    I do know one thing…our kids are in for a lot more advancement than even we have seen!

    Great post Kevin!

  3. Wow this stuff looks really great, I can’t wait for devices to work together so seamlessly. It’s strange to me though because it reminds me of a similiar series of videos AT&T did in the early 90s about what amazing things the Internet will bring. Those videos were made 15 years ago or so, but we’re just now seeing what was promised in them.

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