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I posted about this previously, but I can’t say enough good things about 2Go’s Syncit product. This is an application that resides in your system toolbar. Every time you make a change to your favorites in your browser, it syncs with their server. Then on every computer have have their syncit tool loaded, you will have your favorites synchronized.

Now, I know there are several other products out there that do the same thing. There is Foxmarks and Bookmarks Synchronizer, which are both extensions for Firefox. There is also Googles browser sync and their toolbar favorites sync. But, if you use Firefox and home and your company has standarized on IE, then you would have to use 2 different utilities to synchronize.

2Go’s product works with all of these:


IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera.

The greatest thing about this software is that it just works. I have used it for years. The other feature it has it that it backs up your favorites and will keep deletions for 30 days in a separate folder. So when you wake up one day and find out that you accidentally erased your Favorites folder. You can go to the website and take the deletions out of the recycle bin and you’re ready to go. So if you have multiple computers, you can’t go wrong with this product.

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  1. I too love this application. I’ve been using it for years. I keep about 1000 bookmarks for various things and synching between multiple PCs is a bit of a nightmare without it.

    Google Bookmarks and other such tools go part of the way there but they do not synch with your LOCAL favourites.

    Main point to my post is that the service has been offline for a number of days now and I hope its not been suspended (or gone under). Anyone else experiencing issues?

  2. Since Vista launched the the apparent incompatibility the above site has not kept up. However I did find another site written with the same source code at The only thing is that this application is not quite compatible with Firefox 3.0 but they are working on it.

  3. I loved this application , although there is a apparent incompatibility with Firefox 3.0 but i hope it gets resolved sooner. But all other featuresa re good and will like impress you.

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