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Originally I had big plans of blogging daily about all the product releases and updates. Suffice it to say, that when it takes 90 minutes to go to a hotel that usually takes 10 minutes (when CES isn’t in town) those plans went out the window. However, I have several links below from sites that had small armies of people at the show and were blogging about them constantly. While I was at the Bloghaus, they had an RSS feed showing the sites below and a few others. There was literally a post every 30-60 seconds appearing on the screen.

I was asked several times “what was the best product at this year’s show?” Well I can tell you the most talked about was the Apple iPhone that was not even at CES.

The one thing that was evident was trends. The trend to move content to digital formats. To have that content available to you whenever and wherever you want. Of course the usual “mine is bigger than yours” by the flat panel manufacturers. But does anyone really care if the panel is 105″ or 108″. How many $80,000 panels are you really going to sell. 1080p is the standard now for HDTV. Of course you can only realize 1080p if you have an HD-DVD, Blu-Ray or XBox 360, as HD broadcasters are currently pumping out 1080i. The battle between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray continues…time will tell.

The main thing that I took away from the show, other than blisters, was the sense that the way we receive our content is going to change quickly. This change is happening so fast that many say that battle over HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray is moot because within a year, we will be downloading our content. This could also impact companies like Netflix or Blockbuster.Why go out, or wait for your movie, when you have have it right now. Scoble talks about this in his blog. It’s hard to believe, but North America is actually behind many other countries in terms of High Speed Bandwidth. A good example is Sweden. For $15 a month you can get 100MB/sec. to your house. Today, most of us are paying $30-$50 for less than 10M/sec.B. With 20MB/sec. you could stream HD content live to your TV. There are some services in the US have are offering 50MB/sec. for ~$80 per month.

The other trend is that old media (newspapers, TV stations, music companies) had better figure this out just as fast or they won’t have a way of making money. There are some from the old media that are buying new media players. Such as Rupert Murdoch’s (Fox Interacitve) purchase of mySpace.

This is going to be a very interesting year!!

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