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Seagate puts focus on Consumer Electronics –Podcast Episode 2

In this Podcast I talk to

  • Marc Cisneros, CE Channel Sales Manager, Seagate Technologies
  • David Burks, CE Product Marketing Manager, Seagate Technologies

Seagate is pushing hard into the Consumer Electronics space. No longer are they considered a hard drive company, they now want to be known as a Storage Company. The Scoble Show interviewed Seagate’s CEO Bill Watkins, where he said “it’s about content distribution.”

Seagate has come out with a several market specific hard drives with benefits tuned the each area of specialty.

  • LD for mobile and low profile devices [2.5″]
  • DB for DVRs and Media PCs [very quiet]
  • SV for security DVRs [24×7 duty cycle]
  • EE for extreme environments [can handle temperature and vibration extremes]

Windows Vista

About a month ago Release Candidate 1 (RC1) came out. Then about a week ago RC2 was out and available for a short time to the general public. This post will review Vista and talk about some of the new features.

Unfortunately if you want to try Windows Vista, you will have to settle for RC1 which is available to download here. The first thing you should do, before you install Windows Vista is run the compatibility program to see if you have enough computing power. You can download the program from here. Continue reading Windows Vista