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Online Video

There is a trend happening on the internet. Podcasts started a new way of listening and broadcasting information to the masses. iTunes made it easy to obtain these snippits of daily or weekly broadcasts. Then Apple introduced the Video iPod and at the same time online video was growing fast. The two most talked about services are YouTube and Rocket Boom. YouTube is a website that allows anyone to post any video up to 10 minutes in length. Anything you can think of is there. The amount of bandwidth and downloads is on the edge of comprehension. They have talked about 100’s of thousands of downloads a day and 100’s of Terabytes (that’s 1000 Gigabytes) of information daily. Rocket Boom is a short news feature by Amanda Congan. She satires many of the daily news that is mainly on technology. There are a lot of questions surrounding online video. First the question of bandwidth. Right now, the quality is just barely enough to watch. In this era of HDTV growth, one has to wonder why online video is becoming so popular. The other question is copyright. When Apple started selling TV shows, it was a very short time before the networks started testing downloading they prime time shows. ABC recently announced that they would allow the viewing of their prime time shows, such as Lost, Desperate housewives, etc. for free. This is a test for 2 months. Is this another trend starting? (unfortunately, only available in the US). It is clear that the future includes watching video via the Internet. But the big question is always there. How can you make money at it. Ad dollars are the vehicle to make it happen. But when you look at the numbers from YouTube, it will take more than ad dollars. Technology will have to make some leaps before high resolution via the internet becomes as common as surfing the net.