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********UPDATED Below*********

I have several blogs hosted by 1and1.com. I have been adding some plugins and kept coming across 500 Internal Server Error. I went back and forth, activating plugins, deactivating plugins and deleting them off of the FTP server. I was also coming across the WordPress blank screen on my admin dashboard. It was getting very frustrating. Then I came across something about one of the plugins generating the 500 Internal Server Error when the hosting company was not using PHP5. So I did some research into 1and1.com with WordPress and found a solution.

Find your .HTACCESS file on your server. It is a hidden file so make sure your FTP client (I use filezilla) can view hidden files. Open up the file in your text editor and add the following line after the line # END WORDPRESS.

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

That’s it. Since I added this line I have not had an error 500 and all of my screens in WordPress have not been blank. Note: I did have one time when a plugin rewrote the .HTACCESS file. So keep a copy of the file handy. If you come across the error 500, just copy your backup of this file onto your FTP server.

*******UPDATE****** Since writing this post 1and1.com had made it easier to make this change. Simply login to your customer account. Look for the Web Space area and click on Global PHP Version.  Select PHP5 from the pull down menu and click Save. That’s it. For those of you who are not on 1and1.com the original posting above should work as well.

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104 Responses to “Fixing 500 Internal Server Error with WordPress and 1and1.com hosting”
  1. Kevin Baggs says:

    I would delete the line you have. Then use 1and1’s console to change the PHP to the most recent version.

  2. Teresa M says:

    I ran into this problem moving a wp site from one server to another. The source server was running Linux/Apache. New server running IIS. Problem was a file web.config in the root directory for the site. I removed the file and 500 Server Error went away.

  3. Deneme says:

    thank you for ur advice but i’m still try fix.. can’t work.. maybe i do smthng wrong..still have 500 internal server error.. pff when i download Fix Multiple Redirects 1.2 plugin wordpress and
    enable debugging

    .htaccess file Fix
    No changes

  4. Randi says:

    Thanks for finallyy talking about >Fixing 500 Internal Server Erfor with
    Wordpress and 1and1.com hosting | kevinBAGGS.com <Liked it!

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