It is Possible to Win against Rogers

logo_CCTSI recently had the opportunity of accepting an international position. As I was moving out of the country I contacted Rogers (Canadian cable TV and Internet Service Provider), to let them know I would be cancelling my wireless accounts. We had a total of 3 wireless accounts in our family. My wife and I had our accounts for years along with our phones. Out daughter had only recently upgraded her cell phone. Well needless to say I was a little shocked when Rogers told me there would be $1400 in cancellation charges. I said, I could see how there would be a charge for my daughters phone, as wireless companies amortize the cost of the hardware over the length of the service plan, so I expected to pay the $400 cancellation charge. However, for the other 2 phones, which were never even purchased from Rogers I did not understand why I was being charged $500 each.

Rogers explained that because of the data and voice plan that we had there was a $400 cancellation charge for the voice plan and an additional $100 for the data plan. I said that this was ridiculous as there was no hardware amortization involved, and it was simply at service plan. I also pointed out the extra charges we had paid on a number of months for going over on our voice minutes. They said yes, we see that, but the cancellation charges still stand.

Then I came across an interesting web site. Called the Commissioner of Complaints for Telecommunication Services. I simply went on their site and filled out the form explaining my situation and that I was willing to pay the $400 cancellation, but that the other $1000 was robbery.

…and what do you know. About 6 weeks later I get a call from “The Office of the President” at Rogers. I spoke with a woman there who explained she had received my complaint and agreed to waive the $1000 fee and only charge the $400. She said she would put a note on my account, so when it came time to cancel, simply refer the agent to the notes and all would be good. In addition I received a letter summarizing what they agreed to do.

Only in Canada eh!

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  1. I still don’t get why they felt they could charge you a fee for closing your account. Did you recently sign up/change your plan?

    Good work though. I just beat Telus for a $20 fee they charged me for incoming txt’s. I briefly turned the SMS function on for my Twitter account, receving certain notifications… after a brief firehose of txts, I shut it off on my twitter account. Didn’t really need it.

    I only turned this on after Telus set me up with a txt’ing plan that gave me 30 free sent messages, and unliimited incoming txts. I didn’t txt to twitter, I simply recieved some messages.

    They charged me $0.15 per message, totalling $20 !
    When I called to ask why, he said I sent 241 messages. I said I did NOT. I did receive a number of them, maybe that many, to my # from twitter.
    I told him that twitter does not charge, it’s not a premium service like some of those contests you can get into that charge you per txt you receive.
    He said the unlimited incoming txts are for cell to cell messaging only. Any txt from the web counts as a premium txt and will be charged.
    I asked him where it said this on his website. He couldn’t point me to the t’s and c’s that said this.
    I was put through to Tech support and they removed the charges, one time only, as I now know that I would be charged.

    I find this outrageous. It’s not costing them anything, they should not charge me either.
    Since then I’ve moved to Fido and I’m using an iPhone.

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