Is ASUS the Next Apple?

ASUS Eee PCOver the past couple of years there has been a lot of talk about UMPC or Ultra Mobile PC’s. There were lots of prototypes from companies like Intel, but everything was in the future. Then a company called ASUS, or ASUSTek, released their Eee PC in 2007. This was a very small notebook that make the bold step of having Linux as the operating system. At first no one was quite sure what to thinks about it, but over the last year, the Eee PC has taken off. Probably the biggest reason is the retail price is in the $400 range.

The other bold steps made by ASUS was that the Eee PC had no hard disk. You can get one in 4GB, 8GB and now 16GB flash memory. This means no moving parts in the notebook, which leads to more reliability. Lastly, the screen is 7 inches.

In terms of functionality you have all the basics. Wifi, internet browsing, web cam and audio. Accoding to their web site there are over 40 applications pre-installed.

Now why do I ask if ASUS is the next Apple? Over the years I have attended my share of tech. events and became aware of the number of Apple Mac Books vs. other laptops being used by the audience. Recently when I attended the Northern Voice event in Vancouver, another group of notebooks was popping up. This was the Eee PC. It was funny to watch as people pulled out their Eee PC, slowly small crowds began to form. The owners were checking their email, writing blog postings and recording video of speakers. The biggest draw, was the small footprint.

The popularity of these notebooks was further confirmed by third party accessory companies who are now coming out with products for the Eee PC. A-Data has released Eee PC branded flash memory and USB memory stick.

Due to the success of the Eee PC, there are competitors who have their notebooks being released over the next couple of months. Acer, HP and MSI as well as many other lesser known manufacturers are all fighting for their piece of the pie. ASUS is not laying down and letting these others take market share. They are releasing a 9 inch screen version, will now go up to 32 GB of RAM and…will come installed with Microsoft Windows XP.

The market for ultra portables will heat up further in June when Intel releases their Atom processor. This small footprint, high performance processor will be perfect for the ultra portables. ASUS has decided to push out their 9 inch screen in May rather than wait for the Atom processor. Others are a mixed bag. Whether or not this will be a mis-step for ASUS, only time will tell. Right now it is their market share to grow or not.

6 thoughts on “Is ASUS the Next Apple?”

  1. I’ve been a Mac user since it all started in 1984. Nevertheless, I recently purchased an eee PC–the 4G version.

    To say it’s cool would be the biggest understatement in the world. Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, WiFi, Ethernet, 1GB of RAM (I upgraded), 8GB SDHC…I can do it all when I’m away from my MacBooks.

    And yes…everyone notices an eee PC.

  2. And I quote: “They are releasing a 9 inch screen version, will now go up to 32 GB of RAM and…” You’re not kidding, right? That’s really great!

  3. Intersting movement of PC’s encroaching in on Smart Phones and PDA’s.

    Will the eeePC type product miss telephony?
    Doubtful with a broadband connection and WiFi options- you can use VoIP, Windows Live etc.

    Will the eeePC “miss out” on the .mobi apps and tools? Unlikely- mostly used as disruptive ad platforms today- widgets can enable them, and using Open Source OS allows free development.

    Regarding the comment about Apple making apps- for a mobile platform, today that is a limiting factor. If I can have my Open Office, browser and web 2.0 widgets enabled, it suits 99% of my needs.

    Margin compression will set in shortly due to newer players-Dell in on deck and the post Xmas pricing will drop another 20% off by spring.

    This is a winner since iPhones and PDA’s/ Blackberry’s carry the 3G 125$/ month fees that this does not.(unless you opt for the broadband connection which would still be far cheaper)


  4. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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