Folder Share

I recently upgraded my network at home to 1GB. I wanted to find a software that would backup my files incrementally. Meaning, as a file was changed, its backup would also be changed. I was able to find FolderShare. This is now a free service from Microsoft Live.

You simply download the software onto the 2 computers you want to synchronize. Point to the folder(s) you want to be in sync. and the software does the rest. As you change files on one computer, it is backed up on the other.

2 thoughts on “Folder Share”

  1. Ooooo, going to have to check this one out…sounds like a perfect notebook -> home system sync system 🙂

  2. Just make sure you leave the system to sync the first time. I have 3000 files and it took awhile. I also had an issue where the other PC shut down, and I ended up with some duplicates. It was easy to find them as it appends the name of the PC to the end of the filename. I just did a search and deleted the files and it has been running flawlessly for a week now with no issues. As this is a Microsoft product, it works through the Windows firewall.

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