Speed Reading

A few months ago my company brought in a consultant to teach speed reading. Our CEO is a big believer in it. Now I had heard about people reading a book in a couple of hours. I had seen people passing their finger over pages and saying they were reading a page every 10 seconds. I had always been skeptical, or passed it off as they were savants who had a special trait for speed reading.

But now I am a believer. The trainer took us through a number of exercises to show us that we read slow, basically because we were taught to read slow. No one is ever taught to speed read. It is fascinating to see how both your reading speed and comprehension can increase. The course lasted about 6 hours. In the last 2 hours of the course, I read the Old Man and the Sea from cover to cover and got about half way through the biography of Lance Armstrong.

There are a couple of tools that you can use to help increase your reading speed.


Zap Reader

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