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About a month ago Release Candidate 1 (RC1) came out. Then about a week ago RC2 was out and available for a short time to the general public. This post will review Vista and talk about some of the new features.

Unfortunately if you want to try Windows Vista, you will have to settle for RC1 which is available to download here. The first thing you should do, before you install Windows Vista is run the compatibility program to see if you have enough computing power. You can download the program from here.

After you run the program and you get a positive answer, the next step is the install. The install process has been greatly improved from previous versions. You will need a key to complete the install process.

When you complete the install you will be presented with the Welcome Screen.

Now let’s get into some of the features of Windows Vista.

User Experience:

Probably the most talked about feature for the user experience is Aero Glass. This allows for Windows to take on transparency when being moved around. There are also other features called Gadgets which can take on this same transparency. Notice this feature below where multiple windows overlap.

Notice the objects down the right side of the desktop. These are called Gadgets. These are small independent programs that provide quick and easy information at a glance. They can be dragged anywhere on the desktop.

Two other new features for the user experience are to do with loaded programs. Today, when you have several programs loaded, you can use the alt-tab to switch between programs. The problem is, if you have several documents in the same program it is difficult to tell which one is the right one. Now you will be able to see a thumbnail version of the document you want when you use alt-tab.

This feature will be further extended with a new feature called 3-D Flip.

The Photo Gallery view had also been improved. You can select images by category or by your own tags.

There is also some basic photo touch up capabilities as well.


Probably the one thing that Microsoft has heard…is make Windows Vista more secure.

Vista has better User Control that limits whether someone can install a program. This will limit the amount of spyware and malware that can be accidentally installed on your computer.

The Windows Firewall has been improved to protect both outbound and inbound transmissions.

Windows Defender will be a free add-on. This program finds and destroys spyware and limits which softcare can automatically start. A feature that malware and spyware use to send data.

Parental controls have been added. You can set what days your kids can use the computer and for how long.

You can also screen out inappropriate games based on their ratings.

Internet Explorer 7:

Although this program will be out before Vista ships, it will be part of the Vista install and has several features added. Tabbed interface (ala Firefox) have been added. Along with support for RSS feeds from within the browser.

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