Bike Hoist and Bike Rack

Bike HoistFirst, let me wish all the fellow Dads a Happy Father’s day! This post is an update to one of my earlier posts about a great device I found called the bike hoist. This is a great device for storing bikes year round in your garage. It is very easy to use, even our 10 year old can get her bike down. It will hold up to 50 pounds per hoist. We have 3 hoists in our garage for our 3 bikes. The bike hoist it very inexpensive, about $35. You can find them on eBay, and some of the vendors give free shipping. There are heavier hoists available that will hold up to 200 pounds for canoes or kayaks.

The other device that I purchased recently was a bike rack for my SUV. I had looked at a number of units and they were all over $200. Then I came across one on eBay for $85. Again, the vendor offered free shipping, which is a good thing as it weighs almost 25 pounds. What I liked about this rack was that it can fold down at the hitch, so you can still get into your rear hatch with all the bikes loaded. They have racks that will carry from 2 to 5 bikes. The unit I received fits into my trailer hitch. Note there are 3 types of connections. A 2″ connection, a 1 1/4″ connetion and a ball connection. Check out your hitch before ordering.Bike Rack


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