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Along with 2Go SyncIt that I talked about in a previous post. Another one of my favorite utilities is Lookout for Outlook. It is an add in for MS Outlook that loads into the menu bar. It is the same a the Find function, but far faster. It actually indexes every word of every email as it is added. The first time you run the software it could take 15-20 minutes to index everything. But that is a one time occurance. After that it indexes on the fly. What is great about it is the speed. Just this morning someone asked me about a document I had sent them in Sept. ’05. I simply typed in one key word and had the results back in under 3 seconds. This product is so good, that Microsoft actually bought them to incorporate into future versions of Office.

UPDATE: Still available for download.

4 thoughts on “Lookout for Outlook”

  1. Kevin,

    Your product reviews are excellent. Before I was happy with the things that I had and now I want to buy everything that you have reviewed.

    If you have any info on whether to go with HD LCD, or plasma TV, I would be interested in your advice. I am looking for one for the wall in my bedroom so that I can remove my old SONY TV from my dresser.

    Thanks again for your fun and informative blogs.

  2. I don’t know when this happened, but you can no longer download Lookout for Outlook from Lookoutsoft.com. Instead, it now redirects to Microsoft’s Windows Desktop, which I still find to be inferior to Lookout v1.3.

  3. If you miss Lookout and dislike Windows Desktop Search then I can recommend you Lookeen

    It´s the best alternative to Lookout, even better, also because it is developed unlike Lookout! Its also a Desktop Search what I find very clever!

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