Tonight I started a 10K running clinic at The Running Room. I did better than I thought I would, considering I haven’t been running in months. I completed 5K in 33 min. Not bad for the first night. The clinic is 10 weeks and my goal is to run a 55 min. 10K race on May 13th. The Running Room is quite a Canadian success story. Started by John Stanton in 1984, they have grown to almost 80 stores. They have branched out into their own branded clothing and accessories. All top quality products. I believe their pull is their clinics. For about $70 they will tell you everything you need to know about running. (plus you get a $40 T-shirt). And while you’re sitting there in the store, listening to all that great information, you’re staring at all this great running gear. Now, for me, gear is probably as close to an obsession as one could get. Whether it be running, backpacking, mountaineering or camping; I need gear. And not just a little, I need it ALL. Just ask my wife Dianne. Now imagine a gear obsession combined with being a computer geek and you can see why she rolls her eyes a lot.

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  1. Kevin… i too am an outdoors nut…well i guess you never said you are an out door nut… but you did admit to being a gear “junkie.”

    i too have all the gear… the new cool-max clothing is awesome. you can sweat till soaking wet.. and no smell… wore a coolmax shirt for most of a week on a hiking trip in New Zealand…travelled with 11 other people.. and no complaints… none about my body odor any way… I’d love to know more about this product innovation!

  2. Thanks Bill, I have done several trips with Outward Bound. 9 days mountaineering in Pemberton BC, 4 days winter camping near North Bay and 7 days sea kayaking near Killarney. I try to get away on a 3-4 day solo backpacking trip into Algonquin at least twice a year. With backpacking you are alway looking for the newer and lighter gear.

  3. Kevin,
    Welcome back to the running world. I’m a big fan of the Running Room and have completed 4 consecutive clinics. Enjoy your 10K clinic and see you on race day.

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